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Preowned Vintage Matchbox Model A Ford Kellogs Rice Krispies Diecast Delivery Truck 1979 (200)

This Rice Krispies Model A Ford has been around awhile and has the scars to show it.
The truck it self is in good shape.
Some of the paint has chipped off, like on the fenders, running boards, roof and edges.
The front grill is in good shape, but the bumper does have some scuff marks.
Please see the pictures.
Made in Macau in 1979.

3 x 1 2/8 x 1 1/2 inches (approx).
Preowned Hot Wheels Super Comp Dragster Car 1998 First Editions Collector 655 Diecast Toy (136)

Super Comp Dragster from Hot Wheels.
It is part of the 1998 First Edition collection.
Collector #655
It is #22 of 40 cars.
The car is in great condition.
The card is a little rough around the edges.
The plastic cover has a few scratches and scuff marks.
The plastic cover on the right side near the bottom, looks like it has been cut.
Preowned Hot Wheels 69 Pontiac GTO Goat Motown Metal Sealed Short Card J3416 2006 Diecast (139)

Hot Wheels Yellow 69 Pontiac GTO that was released in 2006.
This car is on a short card and factory sealed.
The GTO is yellow with black and sliver flames.
The car is in great shape.
The card does have a little damage along the bottom and around the edges, which can be seen in some of the photos.

It is 5 of 5
Series: Mowtown Metal
Toy#: J3416
Made in: Malaysia
UPC# 074299057854
1965 Pontiac GTO Goat Hot Wheels 2008 All Stars Sealed Car Stamped 2003 (257)

1965 Pontiac GTO by Hot Wheels.
This one is stamped 2003 on the bottom of the car.
The car is in perfect shape.

The card does have a few flaws:
On the top right side, the corner is bent.
The two bottom corners are a little soft.

In the center of the card on the left side, there is a small circle about a 1/8" round that was there when I bought the car.
I thought it was a stain, but after looking at it with a magnifying glass, it looks like a stamp, a design that you could make with one of those Spirograph sets but a lot smaller.
I've looked at some of the other cards of the same car and they don't have it.

Preowned Hotwheels Marvel Spiderman Golden Arrow Shocker DWD19 Mattel Diecast (259)

The card is a little warped and shows a little wear around the edges.
The car is sealed, but on the bottom right corner, the plastic has pulled away from the card and shows a little damage.
This car is number 5 out of 6.

Year: Card is marked 2016 and car is marked 2013
Made in Thailand

Item# DWD19
UPC: 887961379433
Preowned HotWheels 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner 1998 First Editions Diecast Toy Car 1997 (149)

The car is in pretty good shape, but it does has a few dings that you can see if you use a magnifying glass.
On bottom is is stamped 1997 and made in Malaysia.

Wheels roll fine.
Driver door and right behind the door, has a couple pen head size dings.
Passenger front fender has a couple dings along the edge.
Driver side front fender has a small ding.
Bottom shows a little wear, the chrome color has some black spots where it has faded.

Toy# 18535
Collector# 661
Series: 1998 First Editions
Series# 17/40

3 x 1 1/8 x 7/8 inches (approx).
Preowned Vintage Hot Wheels Mercedes C Class Race Team Series IV #726 Sealed Diecast Cars (161)

Mercedes C Class by Hot Wheels.
It is #2 of 4 in the 1998 Race Team Series IV.
This slick little Mercedes is blue with the Hot Wheels logo on the sides and across the hood.
The car is in perfect condition.
Card has a little damage around the edges and on the back side near the top in the center.

Preowned Vintage Hot Wheels 1935 Classic Cadillac White Wall Tires 1981 (277)

1935 Classic Cadillac by Hot Wheels.
Car does have a few scuff marks and small scratches.
Bumpers, grill and bottom show a little wear.
White wall tires.
Wheels roll fine.

Year: 1981
Made in: Malaysia

3 x 1 x 1 inches (approx).
Preowned Hot Wheels Olds 442 Hurst HW Performance 12 Sealed Mattel Diecast Car (162)

Hot Wheels Olds 442 Hurst diecast car.
It is sealed in the original packaging.
The card isn't perfect, but it's in good shape.
There is one small white spot right under the plastic hanging tab.
On right side there is a white spot right above where it says 5/10.
On back side, corner below UPC is a litle bent.

HW Performance 12 Series
Series # 5/10
It is #145 out of 247 different models made that year.

UPC: 027084984170
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