1 Pound Rabbit Manure Clean Dried Organic Garden Plant Fertilizer Pellets Soil

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Rabbit manure is a great organic fertilizer that will help improve your soil and it doesn't need any composting before using it.
You can add it to your plants or garden just like it is and it won't burn your plants or garden.
You can also soak some of the pellets in water and make your own bunny tea to feed your plants.
You can use the pellets whole or you can crumble them up and spread on your plants or garden.

Our rabbit manure has been air dried for at least a week.
I run the pellets through a tumbler, which removes most of the hair, leaves, grass and hay, then it's hand sorted, leaving good clean organic fertilizer pellets.

Rabbit manure has nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals.
It also has beneficial trace elements like calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper and cobalt.

If you raise worms, rabbit manure makes great worm food.

When I make bunny tea, I'll take a five gallon bucket and put in a couple pounds of pellets and fill with water and let it set for a day or two.
You can strain it with a cloth strainer to use in a spray bottle or just dip it out of the bucket and pour on your plants or garden.
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