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Preowned Vintage Topps #14 Vincent Brown #59 New England Patriots Football Card 1995 (137-D-2)

I'm no card expert and the card hasn't been graded.
The images are not stock photos, they are of the actual card.
Card is in fair condition.
Top left corner is a little dented.
Front left edge has a few marks.
Back has a couple marks on top and bottom edges.

Brand: Topps
Player: Vincent Brown #59
Team: New England Patriots
Card year: 1995

Will be shipped in a box in between two pieces of cardboard.

3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches (approx).
Preowned Ophthalmology Associates Tulsa Eye Clinic Coffee Mug Tea Cup Oklahoma Drinkware (138-A-2)

Coffee cup is in good condition, no cracks or chips that I've found.
Bottom has a few scuff marks.

One side reads:
Ophthalmology Associates, INC.

Other side has the Dr. name, company, address and phone number.

Bottom reads:
HG Made In China

Do not know when it was made.

4 1/2 x 3 1/8 x 3 6/8 inches (approx).
Preowned Hot Wheels 69 Pontiac GTO Goat Motown Metal Sealed Short Card J3416 2006 Diecast (139-C-1)

Hot Wheels Yellow 69 Pontiac GTO that was released in 2006.
This car is on a short card and factory sealed.
The GTO is yellow with black and sliver flames.
The car is in great shape.
The card does have a little damage along the bottom and around the edges, which can be seen in some of the photos.

It is 5 of 5
Series: Mowtown Metal
Toy#: J3416
Made in: Malaysia
UPC# 074299057854
Preowned Vintage The Holy Bible New Testament New International Version 12 Audiocassettes (140-A-2s)

This set contains 12 audiocassettes (no cases).
They have all been tested and they all work.
They do not have cases.
I do not know how long each cassette tape is.
They were put out by International Bible Society.
Copyright dates 1973, 1978 and 1984.
Some of the cassettes might show some signs of use like some stains and fading on the labels.

Cassette #1
Side A: Matthew 1:1 to Matthew 11:19
Side B: Matthew 11:20 to Matthew 20:34

Cassette #2
Side A: Matthew 21:1 to Matthew 27:66
Side B: Matthew 28:1 to Mark 8:38

Cassette #3
Side A: Mark 9:1 to Mark 16:20
Side B: Luke 1:1 to Luke 7:35

Cassette #4
Side A: Luke 7:36 to Luke 14:14
Side B: Luke 14:15 to Luke 22:71

Cassette #5
Side A: Luke 23:1 to John 6:59
Side B: John 6:60 to John 13:38

Cassette #6
Side A: John 14:1 to Acts 2:47
Side B: Acts 3:1 to Acts 11:30

Cassette #7
Side A: Acts 12:1 to Acts 20:38
Side B: Acts 21:1 to Romans 2:29

Cassette #8
Side A: Romans 3:1 to Romans 15:13
Side B: Romans 15:14 to 1st Corinthians 11:34

Cassette #9
Side A: 1st Corinthians 12:1 to 2nd Corinthians 8:15
Side B: 2nd Corinthians 8:16 to Galatians 6:18

Cassette #10
Side A: Ephesians 1:1 to Colossians 4:18
Side B: 1st Thessalonians 1:1 to 2nd Timothy 4:22

Cassette #11
Side A: Titus 1:1 to Hebrews 11:40
Side B: Hebrews 12:1 to 2nd Peter 2:22

Cassette #12
Side A: 2nd Peter 3:1 to Revelation 7:17
Side B: Revelation 8:1 to Revelation 22:21
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